Banking API

Banking API

It is a great pleasure to inform you that after much effort we have reached that point and our team has always been trying to provide a better service to our customers and how to solve their problems.

In the same way, we have brought for you such an excellent service for our customer’s

Every person wants to work in a company that provides digital facilities. At the same time, he also hopes that his members get such a facility that the members can transact their money sitting at home.

So let us know about a service that will help you win the trust of people as your business grows and what is the use.

We are giving such a service to Nidhi Banking Company that you can increase your business as well as provide a great service to your members.

Banking API- This is a banking API service that you can integrate into your software and provide services like mobile banking, net banking, RTGS, IMPS, that too in their own generated account number’s

How It Banking API Work?

This is a banking API that the bank provides and the convenience bank gives to us, we can provide its to our customer like fund transfer, fund receive, loan emi collection, recurring collection and more   in your own generated software account number.

Benefits Of Banking API

Fund Receive from Any Bank

You can easily manage and receive fund from any bank in your own generated software account number

Fund Transfer To Any Bank

You can easily transfer fund from your own software generated account number and check records with auto fill

Loan E M I Collection

API help you to collect your loan EMI through online with auto fill out in your software

Recurring Collection

API help you to collect recurring payment through online with auto fill up and tracking


You can easily transfer money through RTGS/NEFT

Auto Fill in Software

No manual work required software auto fill transaction data and keep records

Benefits With Us.

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